Why ABC Auto Parts?

Whether you work for a dealership service garage or a repair shop, ABC Auto Parts can help you find the right part at the right price for your customer's vehicle.

Proven Experience

Since 1938, ABC Auto Parts has employed professional staff who works exclusively with automotive service garages. We have three I-CAR-trained, ASE-certified, professional auto part specialists who have over 50 years of combined experience to help you locate the right part and ship it to you in a timely, affordable fashion.

Contact us at 1-800-458-7838 or by Email to have one of our professionals go to work finding the right auto part for you. We'll walk you through every step of the way even to the point of describing the part you've ordered so you know exactly what we're sending you. No surprises from us!

Nationwide Reach

Using the Hollander Yard Management System since 1985, our automotive experts pioneered the use of a computerized inventory management system which allows them to locate the right part - either from our inventory or from other sources.

Additionally, we have buyers visiting auctions across the nation evaluating hundreds of vehicles each week in order to maintain our constant supply of quality used parts.

Guaranteed Quality

ABC Auto Parts has established a quality control system for our inventory that requires a minimum of three separate evaluations of any part before it is allowed to be sold. All of our parts are covered by our exclusive 101-day warranty. And, should you need to return the part because you didn't need it, we'll refund the entire amount in exactly the same method used to pay for the item. And, to assist you in assuring your customer that they're getting a quality used auto part, all parts sold are shipped with a VIN included on the receipt - and all parts have verifiable mileage.

Timely Response

ABC Auto Parts wants you to get you needed part as soon as possible. We'll deliver parts to the greater Chicago metropolitan area in the same or next day. If you're located outside of this area then we'll use UPS or FedEx. We'll make arrangements on an individual basis for any special orders. Rest assured, our professional parts specialists will walk you through the delivery process.

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