2010 News

ABC Auto Parts is International Host of Delegation from South Korea

NOVEMBER 2010 ARA President Doug Reinert and CEO Michael E. Wilson traveled to meet ARA Past President Jim Watson at ABC Auto Parts in Riverdale, IL last week to host a delegation from the South Korea Insurance Development Institute. The meeting focused on the reuse of auto parts harvested from total loss salvage vehicles. The South Korean delegation was interested in learning more about the United States' use of recycled parts in collision and mechanical repairs. It was noted that the South Koreans use few recycled parts in their insurance repairs.

During the morning session Mr. Wilson presented a comprehensive overview of the state of automobile recycling in the United States, detailing the size and scope of businesses as well as the regulatory and compliance requirements involved in recycling of automobiles. The e-car center was highlighted to show the diversity of federal and state requirements and how ARA is engaged to provide information to our membership.

Mr. Reinert followed with a background of ARA and our "Green Recycled Parts" initiative. The affiliate relationships as well as the committee structure were discussed to show how industry standards and codes are developed and implemented. The concept of "green" was evident and the delegates were very interested in the advertisements and promotion of the Green Recycled Parts initiative which ARA is advancing for our membership.

The afternoon session followed with a tour of the ABC Auto Parts production facility where the delegates watched as fluids were drained, drive trains removed and body sections cut off hulks. The staff explained how dismantle sheets are created, parts are inspected for reuse, and the process for removal and warehouse takes place. Record keeping, cores and metal recovery was also highlighted. The tour concluded with a quick walk around to view the vehicles in line waiting to be processed.

Back in the ABC training center, Mr. Watson and Mr. Reinert spoke about the ARA University and training related to inventory specialists, the industry standards and codes and the ARA Air Bag Protocol and how the efforts of ARA create opportunities for our members to sell parts. Mr. Watson then detailed the business process of vehicle purchase, the part identification and inventory, record keeping and sales. In closing Wilson, Reinert, and Watson mentioned that today's vehicles are manufactured for a world market and the related issues of automobile recycling must then be addressed from a world perspective. ARA is engaged internationally to promote Green Recycled Parts, good business practices, corporate citizenship, employee safety and environmental stewardship. We would like to include the automobile recyclers of South Korea as part of our world community.

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